Alpha Beards Pear Wood Beard Brush
Alpha Beards Pear Wood Beard Brush
Alpha Beards Pear Wood Beard Brush

Alpha Beards Pear Wood Beard Brush

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Product Details

Ensure you tailor your beard the way you like it with Alpha Beards pear wood beard brush. Handcrafted using pear wood to produce a sleek oval shape, with an ergonomic grip on the side of the brush to help hold the brush securely.

Bristles are stiff and serve to stimulate the skin and beard follicles encouraging beard growth and releasing the natural oils that are essential to keep your beard looking its best.

Using Alpha Beards Brush during your morning routine can help to untangle and help loosen that scruffy morning beard.

Key features

  • Exfoliates the skin
  • Distributes oils evenly
  • Softens the beard
  • Helps Tame Unruly, Tangled Beards  
  • For Best Results use with Alpha Beards, Beard Oil.
  • Made with pear wood.

Why Brush Your Beard

As your beard grows the skin below your beard produces oils to help the hairs grow. But the skin also replaces itself and needs some help to get rid of any unwanted items. Brushing your beard daily isn't just about making it look nice, it is essential to exfoliate your skin beneath the beard.

Some things to know about caring for your beard:

  1. Brushing your beard may feel harsh at first, this is normal your skin might not be used to it. But by doing it daily you will learn to love it. 
  2. As you brush your beard you will activate the oil production on your face which in turn will help soften your beard. 
  3. Keep brushing at least once a day (but don't overdo it either) you will clean your skin and beard. Look at your brush to see how much you are cleaning. 
  4. Brushing daily promotes better and more uniform beard growth.
  5. Brushing your beard while growing a beard helps avoid ingrown hairs.

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