Why Alpha Beards use natural and organic oils


I thought I'd try to address a common misconception when it comes to beard care products and how the scents are constructed. 

Essential oils first off are 100% natural deriving from a natural source, either a plant, flower, fruit etc. They are put through a steam distillation process to extract the oil and in turn, this creates a scented liquid(oil).

So what does this have to do with beard care?

Blending essential oils to create a particular scent is often likened to an art form. It is a lengthy process that takes time and a lot of patience, trust me I've had the pleasure of finding this out for myself. Not only do essential oils add scent to a product they also add many different beneficial properties to the end user.

So not only are you getting a great smelling product you're also getting an abundance of great benefits for your beard hair and skin. Such as it nourishes, moisturizes and maintains your beard and facial skin. It eliminates split ends, protect from the elements, control acne, itching (beard dandruff) and more.

At Alpha Beards, we use a blend of natural and organic oils. Our beard oil contains high-quality carrier oils such as Argan oil jojoba, Almond oil, grape seed oil, and medicinal essential oils - no synthetic additives GMO-free no Chemicals

Our aim and objective at Alpha beards is for you to have well-groomed and styled beard that feels and smells and looks great instead of shopping for new razor blades every month,time and effort daily shaving so having a high-quality beard oil in your grooming kit will literally last you a few months or more depending on your beard length, as a little goes a long way, and will ensure your man mane is well nourished and presentable.

Products scented with fragrance oils add little to no benefits to the end user other than providing a nice smelling product. That's why at Alpha Beards we opt for organic and natural oils to create products with the beneficial properties of the EO coupled with the wonderful scents that can be created give the best end result for your facial fuzz!

I hope this has been a little insight into why Alpha Beards decide to use 100% blend of natural and organic ingredients and continue to create wonderful scents from essential oils. After all, the main purpose of beard care in the first place was only to maintain and nurture the beard hair and skin beneath.