The hair on your face is much coarser than the hair on your head.

Therefore, it needs to be cared for a bit differently and coincidentally needs a different tool to maintain it. Here’s why:

If you use a quality beard brush you will notice right away one of the biggest differences: the length of the bristle and the material used.

When a bristle is cut at different lengths it will reach hairs at every level of your beard giving you a much more effective and even brush per stroke.

The lower the number of times that you need to brush your hair will improve the health of your beard in the long term by reducing the occurrence of split ends.

But here’s the deal, the bristle length is only one thing.

The biggest advantage of using a high-quality beard brush over a plastic or metal brush is its natural ability of the hair to trap in any natural oil as well as any beard oil in order to provide an equal distribution.

Another inherit benefit of using a beard brush on your beard is that it will make your beard both look healthy and make it feel incredibly soft. Therefore, when using a beard brush with each stroke, you will have an even coating of oil on your skin and up the length of the entire shaft of the beard follicle.

This adequate coverage of oil will help maintain the long-term health of your beard. Finally, a brush will help train your beard follicles to grow in a uniform direction.

Now let’s talk about beard combs!

When you buy a beard comb, wood is the way to go and here is why:

When someone chooses to comb their beard with a wooden beard comb, the wood will naturally saturate itself with your natural skin and beard oils… what was once taking away from your skin now gives back with each comb.

Another reason a wooden comb is significantly better than a plastic or a metal comb is that it won’t snag and WILL NOT pull out hairs. So, using a wooden comb on your beard every single day is definitely the best choice.

Now as for best time to use a beard comb is after applying some type of beard care product, such as beard oil or beard balm. This helps promote a healthy and natural look to your beard and also helps promote beard growth in a downward direction.

There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding whether to comb or brush your beard.

If you are going for a fuller more natural look, generally you will want to brush your beard, this may not hold true for every guy.

On the other hand, if you are going to use for styling purposes you generally will want to comb your beard. Again the same rule holds true as above – that it doesn’t work for every guy.

If your main goal is for your hairs to grow in the direction that you want, its best to start out with a high-quality beard brush. All guys have their very own preference on what tool they’d prefer and in fact like to use both a comb and a brush to get the knots and tangles out of their beard. First with a comb and then brush it to train the hairs and lastly combing it again to style it even further.